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Gender Play

Starting July 21, 2017! GENDER PLAY is a space for LGBTQ youth 29 years and under to talk, play and explore gender through art and performance.

Who: LGBTQ youth 29 years and under to talk, play and explore gender through art and performance

"Yes, I'm queer. But can we talk about gender now?"
"I don't have spaces to explore my gender safely."
"How do I contour my cheeks?"
"If the staff all fit within the binary, what does X really stand for?"
"Maybe... I kinda...want to be a drag king... that wears stilettos."
Gender Play is for you.

When: Last two Fridays of the month


  • Talk, play and explore gender through art and creativity
  • Dream and perform gender with drag trade
  • Open mic sessions
  • Tokens, snacks, make-up and art supplies provided.

*MONTHLY OPEN MIC - Hosted by Ms. Nookie Galore**

  • Add some glitter to your mustache to make your lip sinc zing!
  • Paint your nails so people will know this new poem you're reading is poppin'!
  • Explode the constructs of gender with your favourite dance. Bam!

Will you be our Trade? Drag can be expensive but that shouldn't stop LGBTQ youth from dreaming and performing gender.  

If you got dresses, jackets, heels, make-up, wigs, tips and you're willing to share, spare and sashay our way, feel free to contact Patrick Salvani. 

For more information or if you would like to register for the program / sign-up for the open mic, contact Patrick at

About the Facilitator

Patrick Salvani or Ms. Nookie Galore is a genderqueer drag queen, writer, arts and program facilitator for SOY. They are the FatherMom to the largest Queer and Trans people of colour show, The Drag Musical.  Patrick's work has been featured in CBC Arts, AGO First Thursday, Rhubarb Festival and Mayworks, and published in the book Diasporic Intimacies and Marvelous Grounds.