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Our Mad Selves

Our Mad Selves is a 10 week group for exploring issues surrounding mental health.

Who: queer, trans and 2-spirit youth 29 and under who identify as mad or have experiences with the mental health system, including youth living with or affected by experiences of being diagnosed or labeled as having psychiatric conditions (including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar, OCD etc.)

When: various 10-week sessions throughout the year


  • a space to explore identity, share experiences and build community
  • an opportunity to confront the shame and oppression we have experiences as a result of our psychiatric experiences and encounters with the mental health system
  • we hope to build a space together were we can explore our multiple and complex identities in ways that are empowering, that fosters community and that values our experiences and views of the world
  • this group takes the perspective that as ‘mad' or 'crazy' people, we have unique ways of experiencing the world, making meaning, developing community and creating culture
  • this group is not about trying to fit our lives and experiences into conventional frameworks of mental health but to envision new ways that resonate with our actual experiences.
  • through creative exercises, informal dialogue, knowledge sharing, critical engagement and peer support, we turn the conversation away from pathology, and look at other creative ways to conceptualize our experiences

What youth have to say about Our Mad Selves

“OMS was the first place I felt like I didn’t have to be ashamed, but proud of myself.”

Supporters: Toronto Urban Health Fund


Thank you to RBC Foundation for its support of Our Mad Selves.

About the Facilitator

Agniezska Forfa

Bio coming soon.