Supporting Our Youth Cultivate. Create. Celebrate.


Essence is a group where we uncover, discover and recover our deeper selves. Come earn, socialize and share wisdom through workshops, guest speakers and discussions about different non-denominational and queer and trans positive ideas and practices of spirituality, faith and community.

Who: queer and trans spectrum youth 29 and under who are looking to explore spirituality

When: 2 sessions per year.


  • opportunities to explore spirituality within a queer, trans, youth-centred and non-denominational context
  • learn how to creatively and courageously manage and work with healing trauma in a non-clinical, non-therapeutic environment
  • discover new and beautiful aspects about your value and worth as a queer and/or trans spectrum person
  • learn about traditions that place positive spiritual value on queer and trans spectrum identities
  • unpack the discrimination that experienced in communities of origin around religious homophobia and transphobia
  • through peer support and adult mentorship, develop self-esteem and confidence and the ability to validate, reclaim and re-develop your spiritual identity
  • through ongoing exploration, develop sense of personal power that is based in self-awareness and so much more

What youth say about Essence

“I learned how to be more patient, peaceful, more spiritually focused and grounded.”

“I learned many new things about myself and that is useful in endless ways.”

About the Facilitator

Adam Benn is the manager of LGBTQ Community Programs, which includes SOY.